Your Loss

from S​/​T by LAWGIVER



You came to me and you said
that I'm the greatest friend you ever had
'Cause you know I'm always there
while you're puking out your feelings Imma hold your hair
Maggots in your kitchen
Silly folks be bitchin
When you're drowning in the ditches
Imma be there listening
You for me, me for you
there's nothing in the world, you know, we couldn't do

I always allowed you to decide
gave you the last word in every fight
You were so fast to call me your wife
felt like you knew me as well as if you've lived my life
But when I needed fixin'
'cause my universe be glitchin'
You found it sickenin'
so you was fast with the ditchin'
You for me, me for you, I guess that's only half true

Nah I don't wanna be friends
cause you'll just use me again
Nah I don't wanna be friends
I'll do this one last thing but then it's the end

You think you know me but you don't know shit
I wasn't born to be your bitch


from S​/​T, released March 31, 2016


all rights reserved



LAWGIVER Malmö, Sweden

BDHW Records / Neutral Words Records.

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